Caskaway Tasting Rooms


When will I receive my order?

If you order any time before 2pm on a Friday, you will receive your order on that Friday evening. Any orders after this and before 2pm on Saturday will arrive on Saturday evening.

Your order will arrive any time after 5.00pm. The exact time will depend on how many orders we have received for that day but we will aim to deliver all orders as early as we can. This is a brand new system for us, so please bear with us while we settle into a routine, particularly this first weekend.

How will my drinks be packaged?

Draft beer and cider will arrive in glass, 500ml bottles. Wine and canned/bottled beers will arrive in their original, unopened containers.

How long will my beer/cider last?

We sterilise our bottles and purge them with CO2 so your beer will be ultra-fresh when it arrives with you. It will happily keep for a week or two but it may start to lose its carbonation slig

Cider will stay fresh for longer than beer, however we still recommend that you drink draft cider within a week.

Who is allowed to take receipt of my order?

A person over the age of 18 must be present to receive your order. They must be able to state the name and surname of the person who placed the order.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be enforcing challenge 25 as usual. If we believe you to be under the age of 25, you will be required to show us a form of ID before receiving yoru order, so please bring this with you when you open the door.

Where will you deliver my order to?

We will only deliver your order to the outer-most door of your building. This means that we will not enter communal corridoors etc to bring your order, for example, to the front door of your flat. This is to protect both ourselves, our staff and yourselves by upholding the government's 'social distancing' suggestion.

What will happen when you arrive at my property?

We will ring you on the number you provided with your order when we arrive. Please make sure that you answer your phone and are able to receive your order at the door. We respectfully ask you to adhere to the suggested 2m rule, and give your delivery driver plenty of space. Once we are happy that you are definitely over the age of 18, we will place your order on the ground and leave. We ask you please to wait until we have moved away from your order before you pick it up.

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN ISOLATION: Please make sure you leave a note for us when you make your payment so that we can be extra careful.

We realise that these FAQs are quite long-winded but we are doing our best to keep you, our staff and ourselves safe during these slightly crazy times.

Nobody knows what changes will be made by our government from day to day, but we will keep you updated as much we can on anything that affects our service to you. Should there be a problem with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We will continue to run our home delivery service for as long is feasible in order to make sure that the people of Southampton have access to good beer for as long as possible :-)